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We are here to help you to grow your business

CORAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED is a leading provider of Bank Guarantees (BG), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), Medium Term Notes (MTN), Letter of Credit (L/C), Blocked Funds for Investments, Proof of Fund (POF), secured loans, Financial Services, Financial Real Estate & Brokering, Corporate Finance, Private Equity, Investments and Wealth Management, Local & International Project Financing, Letters of Credit, Discounting of Bank Instruments or Monetization of Bank Instruments.

We are direct provider of bank instruments. CORAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED is a credit facilitation and finance Company. We are direct to AAA, AA+ and other top rated North American banks, Western European banks and Asian banks for the issuance of Bank Instruments and other Debentures and Debt Instruments at discounted and reasonable prices. We have several platforms direct to the issuing banks through which we arrange and cause the issuance of bank instruments for our clients. We pride ourselves with a wide range of professional hard working staffs who ensure clients demand are met in a timely manner. Also we ensure that clients requirements are met according to specification. Also our project funding is structured to suit the individual needs of our clients. CORAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED is always available and we are glad to help you grow your business and obtain the best advice and services that you need to take your business to the next level.

Our smart approach

Our Business Investment Partnership programs will allow you to:

Work fewer hours - and make more money

Attract and retain quality, high customers

Manage your time so get more done in less time

Hone sharp leadership skills to manage

Cut expenses without sacrificing quality

Bring your products/services faster to the market


A Global Organization

Our bank instruments are issued by prime banks such as HSBC London or Hong Kong, Barclays Bank London, Citibank New York or London, Standard Chartered bank Hong Kong or London, Deutsch Bank Germany or any top AAA rated prime bank of choice. LOANS: We provide both secured loans and unsecured loans and our terms and Conditions are reasonable. CORAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED offers the lowest, guaranteed interest rates in the industry. We provide funding for all viable projects worldwide.

The organization additionally offers different administrations, for example, buy and offer of monetary resources, authority of speculations, accumulation of premium and profits, and giving data on the structure of the portfolio and its fairly estimated worth. Moreover, it offers confide in administrations. Starting at July 22, 2007.